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App That Teaches Kids Programming through Drones

Kids love drones, and they consider them the ultimate birthday, holiday or fun gift. Controlling drones to make them fly and perform stunts can be such exhilarating fun. The Tynker app allows kids to blend this fun with some learning experience by programming their own drones with camera. This way, they are able to carry out more advanced tasks through coding, while also learning the basics of computer science. Programming the drones themselves gives the kids the opportunity to not only invent their own play but also learn valuable debugging skills along the way which is better than just reading an instruction manual.

With the Tynker app, kids can control their drone through an Android or iPad tablet. Once the app is downloaded onto a device, the kids can start learning the fundamentals of code. Learning is done without the hassles of syntax as they learn the necessary coding concepts by completing puzzles that feature drag-and-drop blocks. For this to work, an Android or iPad tablet is required along with the free Tynker app and a supported drone.

The Tynker app features a free puzzle set known as the “Crash Course”. The crash course puzzles allow the kids to pilot a virtual drone around virtual obstacles which essentially prepares them for real programming. Through the puzzles, the kids get to learn the rudiments of programming, including loops, sequencing, conditionals, specific commands required to control a drone, and a lot more.


Kids can kick-start their learning experience by coding a program to launch the drone, make it fly forward, and land. Once they can do the simple tasks comfortably, they can then learn to program the drone for pattern tracing or obstacle navigation. The app offers a couple of templates that are basic but still allows the kids to do a whole lot more. There are numerous drones for kids available for around $100 which is good value for kids who have the patience, time, and support required to learn the basics of programming.

Child safety is important, especially for kids that are new to drones. Even small drones can cause damage when used indoors so they have to be used with caution. It’s important to use drones in large open spaces, preferably outdoors. It’s also important to remind the kids to stay a few feet away from the drone anytime it is on because the propellers can cause injuries, even though they are small. For children less than 14 years old, adult supervision is recommended when using a drone.