How to Choose the Best Velux Skylights in Melbourne

Are you planning to invest in skylight products from Velux Melbourne has today, but can’t decide which one should you get? If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place.

Installing skylights in your house will let you get closer to Mother Nature, and more importantly, it will make you feel more alive. Skylights, without a doubt, can offer you a lot of benefits. However, the most crucial and popular one is that it will make your dull living room into a grand space.

In today’s post, we will show you the things that you need to consider when looking for the best Velux skylights for sale.

If you are excited to install skylights in your home, then let’s get started.

Things to consider when choosing Velux skylights

1. Cost

Skylights offered by Velux Melbourne has today differ when it comes to the cost. Some are more expensive, while others are much cheaper.

Some of the factors that will affect the skylights’ overall cost are the materials used, kind of glazing, installation fee, and other necessary expenses.

If you are willing to spend a considerable amount, that’s okay, but make sure that it is worth your money. The same goes when you’re going to buy skylights Sydney has to offer.

But, if you have a tight budget, you have nothing to worry about because Velux has affordable skylights with good quality.

2. Placement

Another factor that you need to take into consideration is the placement of the skylights. For example, this will identify the right size and number of skylights that you will need. Typically, skylights are placed at the center of a room’s ceiling area.

3. Type (venting vs. fixed)

When it comes to the types of skylights Velux Melbourne has today, there are two options that you can choose from: venting (openable) skylight and fixed skylight. One common difference is that the first option can be opened while the latter, as the name implies, is fixed, which means you can’t open it. See more at Skylights-Online

If you want to have extra ventilation in your home, then you can go for an openable skylight. But, if you’re living in a place that has a high chance of rain, you need to avoid this type and go for fixed skylights instead. In fact, it is the most common option since it is not susceptible to leaking.

4. Material

Skylights are made using plastic or glass panes. Both materials, however, come with their own pros and cons, so you need to assess them thoroughly.

Plastic skylights are more affordable, highly durable, and lighter. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. But, their colours fade over time.

Glass skylights, on the other hand, are costlier, but they’re of a higher quality and clearer. In fact, this is one reason why most buyers opt for glass options regardless of the price.


To ensure that you are getting the right Velux skylights for your home, make sure to consider the things mentioned above before making a purchase.

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