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Essential cycling gears for beginners

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If you’re shopping for cycling gears for the first time, then you’re in for a big – but not unpleasant – surprise. The sheer range of available stuff at a bike shop can get your head spinning. Just take a look at the ones they have in this shop: But, you don’t have to get them all. You only need a few essential gears, and here are some of them.


Cyclists are required by law to wear approved helmets that are securely fitted and fastened on their heads. Aside from that, research shows that wearing helmets can help decrease head injuries by as much as 74% in case a cyclist crashes with motor vehicles. When buying a helmet, make sure that it comes with a certification sticker.

Bike clothing

You’re probably not too keen on wearing cycling clothes, particularly if you’re not a low-body-fat super athlete. But, they are very comfortable, especially if you’re on going a long ride. Fortunately, you don’t have to wear Lycra from head-to-foot. There are loose-fitting padded cycling shorts and non-clingy jerseys which look normal enough to wear even down the pub.

Cycling shoes

Shoes that are specifically made for cyclists have stiff soles, so you don’t feel too sore while flexing over the pedals. There are shoe variants with plain soles, but the majority of them have threads to allow you to bolt on the cleats that come with clipless pedals. If you want to familiarize yourself with the different types of cycling shoes, you can check out this page: BLUECYCLES.

Front and rear lights

Front and rear lights are very important, especially if you’re planning to ride after dark. These lights will not just help illuminate the road, but also make you more visible to motorists. When riding in the city, it’s okay to use small, fairly bright lights because there is already enough ambient lighting. You can also use reflectors together with lights to help make you more visible while on the road.

Water bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important when cycling, especially when going on a long ride during the summer season. Most bikes have bolts on the frame that lets you fit a special water bottle cage where you can place your cycling water bottle. Of course, you can put a disposable water bottle in your jersey pocket, but that’s not very comfortable or secure.

Spares, pump, and tools

It pays to be always prepared, and that includes when cycling. Make it a habit to carry tyre levers, spare tubes, and a multi-tube in a small bag under your saddle, so you are always prepared in case of an emergency. Fitting a pump to your bike is also a good idea.

Wrapping up

As a new cyclist, it’s easy to get lost in the sheer number of available cycling gears and accessories. It’s not always necessary to get them all at once. You only need to get the essential ones for you to be able to ride safely and comfortably. As you get to know the sport more, you can start collecting other nice-to-have accessories and gears. And when you’re ready, you can always check the cycling gears at

To Stand or Not to Stand: Physiotherapists Answer the Question

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An excess of sitting doesn’t just put you in danger for protruding bulging disc and tension headaches. Prolonged sitting is now considered unsafe as smoking. That is the thing that makes prolonged sitting and standing an unexpected foe of your well-being. However, you might actually counter the negative effects. An East Melbourne physiotherapist will recommend that exercise is the best way for you to stay healthy, especially if your work requires you to sit or stand for long periods. east melbourne physiotherapist Simply getting up and strolling around for 2 minutes can greatly improve blood circulation on your body. It is so easy to disregard this solution because it sounds so simple. However, when you see its impact on your body, you will really be glad you followed your East Melbourne physiotherapist. Negative Effects of Prolonged Sitting At this point, it is common knowledge that sitting throughout the day at work is awful for the health. Long periods of sitting can actually increase your risk of cardiovascular illness, poor glucose control, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. Also, you will experience an increased risk of eye strain and visual problems that would often lead to reduced cognitive and neurological functions. Instead of spending your hard earned cash visiting your East Melbourne physiotherapist, learn these common problems associated with prolonged sitting to improve your health:
  • Strained neck and shoulder muscles
  • Tight hip flex-or muscles
  • Migraines and neck torment
  • Weak or potentially poor activation of the gluteal and core muscles
  • Damage and pressure to spinal circles
If you really have to sit for a long period at work, make sure to sit with your bottom right back against the backrest. Your feet should also be flat on the floor and your thighs parallel to the ground. If you use a computer, the top of the screen should not be more than ten to fifteen degrees lower than your eye level. Sitting on soft couches will actually curve your back and will result in poor posture. If you want to reverse the effects of sitting, routine standing is the key. Any licensed physiotherapist East Melbourne has today will recommend you to switch from standing and sitting every thirty minutes. The only problem is how will you remember that you need to stand up or to straighten up your back while at work? Perhaps, you could set up an alarm to remind you to get up. Switching between sitting and standing actually has positive results. Any East Melbourne physiotherapist will tell you of the following benefits of standing:
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced leg strength and improved balance
  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Increased calorie consumption
  • Enhanced general body circulation to decrease risk of varicose veins
However, be sure to switch between standing and sitting as prolonged standing also has negative effects on your body. There are also techniques to improve your posture when you stand. Stand tall with your weight evenly distributed between both feet. It is not advisable to stand with more weight on one foot only. It has to be distributed equally to prevent straining your legs. If you are already having problems with your posture due to prolonged sitting or standing, talking to the best East Melbourne physiotherapist is a smart move.

Newbie cyclists: Follow these tips if you’re planning to buy cycling apparel and bikes

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Austin, Texas, has a pretty abundant biking culture. Hence, the metropolitan area has an open and viable industry if you want to sell, distribute, or buy cycling apparel and bikes.

Now, to delight in the best offers on top quality bicycles, equipment, as well as accessories, you should do some groundwork on an online bike store. Consider your mountain bike as a financial investment; therefore, spend time on collecting adequate details about the stores near you.

buy cycling apparel

When shopping around different bike stores, observe these factors first so you can determine the best store:

– Experienced mechanics

It would be a mistake for a bike outlet to dismiss employing proficient auto mechanics. Clients and avid fans of cycling would want to deal with people who know their stuff.

Moreover, eventually, you will certainly need a customization or repair on your bicycle. Therefore, you should find a bike store which solution must not conclude with your purchase alone.

In addition, check if the dealership is orderly. Keep in mind—a disorganized store is one of the signs that it does untidy service.

– Welcoming team of attendants

If it is your first time to buy cycling apparel or bicycles, it could be tough to decide.

The solution would be going to a store that has an abundance of experienced and accommodating individuals. They should be able to give valid info about items for numerous competency levels. With their knowledge, you won’t be too overwhelmed in choosing the bike that fits you best.

Therefore, as you stroll right into a centre, notice if the personnel are willing to help.

– A comprehensive array of products or services in store

A great Austin bike shop ought to have a massive assortment of motorbikes in various types as well as dimensions.

For example, in Mellow Johnny’s, you can spot variants of standard bikes, such as the road bicycles, mountain bicycles, fixed-gear bicycles, and the single-speed bikes.

The larger the assortment is, the greater the possibility that you will find the design you want.

– A quick and exact solution

Who wants a slow service? Regardless if you’re an athlete or not, a seasoned bike shop must be able to repair your problem in a jiffy and similarly give you excellent results.

With the help of good mechanics, you can ride again promptly. Through this, in case you have an upcoming tour, you would not cancel it simply because your bicycle is on stand-by at the store.

– Accessible area for commute

Certainly, it would be terrific if you can buy cycling apparel or bikes near your apartment or office. If not, it should be, at least, situated around a route you travel routinely.

With this, it will be much more hassle-free for you if you need mechanics to fix your defective bicycle components.

Don’t settle on just any strip mall outlet for your first bike.

Although you currently have the spending plan, you cannot simply stroll right into a particular bike store, slap down some cash money on the counter, and leave the establishment having a new bicycle.

It’s no surprise that several companies are competing to own the most significant part of the cake. Currently, to enjoy all the important things listed over, you should just go to the best mountain bike boutique in Austin. On that particular note, you can check out